Mom is a Noob

I have discovered a fun, new way to waste my time– as if I have so much of it to waste, I need another way to do it.  Like most of my time-wasting activities, it involves the use of the computer.  My boys have been playing this one computer game for a couple years now… almost to the point of obsession. My friends’ kids play it, the neighbor kids play it, and many of my 4th grade students play it.

There have probably been 5,476 times that I have reached the point where I’d almost rather lose a toenail than have to hear one more word about creepers, spawning sheep, villagers, red stone, diamond pick axes, whose world got griefed by whom, and all the other numerous terms that are related to this game.

If you are familiar at all with this game, you have already figured out I am referring to Minecraft. When I first saw this game and my sons announced they want to purchase it, my first reaction was something like, “What?  You want to spend how much on a game with graphics that look like they belong in the late ’80s?”


Archaic-looking Minecraft farm animals. 

Well, we did buy & download the game for them. The boys have been wanting me to try it since the day they discovered it.  I always said no. I just didn’t see the appeal at all– until a few days ago, that is.  

For a week or so, my sons and their friends have been involved in a Mindcraft-based game called “The Crafting Dead”.  It’s sort of like The Walking Dead in square pixelated form.  Being the zombie geek I am, it sounded and looked fun!  I wanted to play.

I take my zombie survival pretty seriously, though, so I figured I better learn the basics of the game before I attempt to take on zombie hordes and other players who won’t think twice about killing me for my survival supplies.

I began my venture into the world of Minecraft in the safest mode possible (single player, creative, in case you’re wondering) by building a simple two-story home made of Lapis Lazuli and aqua-colored wool blocks– apparently wool blocks are as strong as stone blocks in Minecraft.


My awesome wool & lapis house

The best part of my house is the glass roof/ceiling.  I put some of my farm animals up there.  That way I can see them from inside when I look up.  It puts a whole new perspective on farming.  Fortunately, they don’t poop.  That would be a mess!


The view from inside my house, looking up. This just makes me happy!

My boys are so excited that I’m playing.  My students are impressed and think I’m quite possibly the coolest teacher in the world. It really is a fun game!  And it’s much more advanced than I first thought.  I’m amazed that somebody was able to design a game like this.  You have to play it to understand.

In addition to my house, I tunneled a Zombie stronghold into a nearby mountain. It has escape routes, iron doors, a dining hall, bedrooms, a recreation room, and a meeting room.  It’s pretty awesome.


2014-03-09_14.01.42My fortified zombie stronghold

So, as you can see, I have been having fun with this game.  Until last night, that is.  I finally got up the courage to play the “Crafting Dead” version with my son and I got killed by zombies within minutes of spawning into the world.  Every. Time. I. Played.

Turns out, I don’t like getting killed by zombies.

For now, I think I’ll stick with the peaceful game mode, where zombies don’t kill, spiders don’t attack, skeletons don’t shoot, and other players don’t loot your home.


I leave you with this image: An aerial view of my rooftop farm animals.

*Noob= A new, inexperienced Minecraft player; often ridiculed and taken advantage of by more experienced players.

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