Monday’s Meanderings

* I wrote this on Monday night.  Fell asleep on the couch just as I finished.  Woke up at 2 am and realized I never posted it.  Technically, it WAS a Monday.*

So, it’s been a while since my last post.  There have been a few reasons for that:

  1. I’ve been busy grading papers and calculating report card grades
  2. Minecraft is very addicting
  3. Thanks to my aging uterus, I became so anemic the only thing I wanted to do was sit around and wallow in a pool of lethargy– which I did for about four weeks

Well, report cards have been sent home and I won’t have to do another batch until June.  Mincecraft is still addicting, but I’m managing my addiction… a little.  And the whole problematic, anemia-causing uterus thing has been temporarily alleviated with a steady dose of iron.  In three weeks, it will be permanently taken care of with surgery (yay me!).

Yesterday, my nine-year-old decided he wants to participate in a “Zombie Walk”.  He’s not even into Zombies, but his interest in the walk was sparked by an old episode of Cake Boss.  In this episode, a couple wanted a cake made for their zombie-themed wedding.  I couldn’t really hear what was being said on the TV, thanks to my talkative 11-year old.  From what I gathered, though, the couple had met at a Zombie Walk and were really into zombies.  Obviously.

Now, I like zombies and all, but I think if I had to get married again, I’d do it surrounded by a beautiful forest or a quiet beach somewhere. In attendance would be a few close friends and family.  But, that’s just me.   There are all kinds of people in this world, and some of them want a zombie wedding.  I guess it’s not all that strange… it really can’t be much different than getting hitched in Vegas. That place is its own kind of freak show, filled with dead-eyed people pushing buttons on video slot machines.

Anyway, back to my point:  Thanks to Cake Boss, my son was intrigued with the idea of a Zombie Walk and wanted to know more. Being the type of mom who encourages a well-rounded education, I hopped on YouTube and found some videos of different Zombie Walks around the nation.

Turns out the videos made him want to be a part of a Zombie Walk.  I think what sold him on the idea was the clip of the “zombie” gnawing on a human arm (fake, of course– I hope).  As a result, it looks like the San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Zombie Walk is in our future.

My son immediately started searching Amazon for an edible human arm.  He hasn’t found one– yet.  But when he does, I hope it’s on Prime.  I immediately hopped on Facebook and announced to my FB world that my son wants to do a Zombie Walk and who would be interested in joining us.  Apparently, quite a few people want to do it with us.

I have learned to take those first enthusiastic “I want to do it!” comments with a grain of salt. Over the years I’ve heard my share of “Yes! A ______________ sounds like fun!  I’m in!” Fill in the blank with “marathon”, “half-marathon”, “session at the shooting range”, or “surfing lesson”.  People’s plans change… their minds change.  I’m no different.  We’ll see how many still want to join us when July comes around.

I’m not sure what kind of zombie I want to be.  It’s a Zombie Walk & Prom.  I never went to prom.  My parents weren’t going to fork over the money for a fluffy prom dress & matching shoes.  I was on my own for that.  I was frugal back then and decided anyone who asked me would have to be worth the $150 bucks it would cost me to go.  The guys who did ask me had bigger hair than I did (it was the ’80s), wore skinny jeans, and didn’t appreciate Bob Dylan.  Not worth my hard-earned money.

So, do I do the walk as a Zombie Prom Queen?  Nah… I’m too old for that.  I’m thinking I should go as a Zombie Prom Chaperone. Maybe as the teacher who’d rather be somewhere– anywhere– other than at a hormone-fueled high school dance.  We’ll see.  I have until July.  By then, I’m sure my son will have his edible arm.  By then, those who want to do the walk with us will be committed. And, by then, I will have my zombie identity figured out.


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