Z is for Zombies


Z is for Zombies
Zombie Books

As I mentioned in this February 24th post, I recently discovered the fun of Zombie Apocalypse books. That post mentioned some fun Zombie books and some great authors of the genre. Read the post, if you’re interested in what I had to say back then. I don’t want to repeat all that.

I’m actually going to take a break from the Zombie genre for a bit and read a couple non-zombie books… just to keep my mind fresh.

Before I do that, though, I can’t write about the letter Z without writing about zombies. So here is a list of Zombie fiction authors I recommend… for those who are interested.

Shawn Chesser Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse series

James Cook Surviving the Dead series

D.J. Molles The Remaining series

Tony Baker Survivors of the Dead: From the Ashes

Mark Tufo Zombie Fallout series

Jack Flacco Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocalypse **I just started reading this– so far, so good!

**I saved my favorite for last… the “zombies” in his books are technically not zombies, but close enough to include in this list:

John O’Brien A New World series

What I’ve discovered is many of these authors are really nice, down-to-earth people. As “indie” authors, they do a lot of their marketing via Facebook and word-of-mouth. Reviews are very important to their success, so if you do read any of these books, be sure to leave a fair review!

I know there are many other good ZA authors out there. I just haven’t read all of them. If you enjoy this genre, which authors do you like? Who am I missing?

4 thoughts on “Z is for Zombies

  1. I’m not really a huge fan of zombie things, but I know a few people who are so I’ll be sure to tell them about the books you suggested!

  2. Zombies are the vampires of the new millennium, and vampires are the eighties soap opera stars of the new millennium. Superheroes are the superheroes of the new millennium. I am the guy in favor of abolishing the phrase “of the new millennium,” of the new millennium.

    • Ha! I’m not much of a fan of vampires OR soap opera stars (of any decade). Superheroes & guys in favor of abolishing the phrase “of the new millennium” of the new millennium are pretty cool, though. 😀

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