Y is for Chelsea King

A-Z Blog Challenge, Day 25
Y is for Chelsea King

Before you think I’ve lost all alphabetical sense, let me explain…

Y is for yellow

Yellow is the color of sunflowers. Yellow is a bright, happy color. Yellow is often associated with light. Forever, Chelsea King will be associated with the bright, happy colors of sunflowers. They were her favorite flowers.

Who is Chelsea King? Chances are you heard of her as her story made international news back in February of 2010. But, as often happens over time, we forget about the stories of those who are not close to us– physically or emotionally. The story of Chelsea King is, sadly, all too common. This beautiful, sunny 17-year old girl was out running one day when she was taken and murdered by a convicted sexual predator.

I used to run the same trails she was running on the day she was murdered. She was a local girl… local being San Diego County. Her disappearance and murder came just a little over a year after another one of our local girls went missing. Amber Dubois lived down the street from me and disappeared one morning on her way to school. This beautiful 14-year old’s disappearance remained a mystery for more than a year. The two cases turned out to be connected (which I think many suspected) because the same scum bag killed both girls.

You can read more about the two cases here: http://www.crimelibrary.com/notorious_murders/classics/chelsea_king/1.html

Chelsea King’s story is on my heart today because her little brother is creating a documentary to raise awareness and strengthen the laws concerning sexual predators. He is currently raising funds to finance the project through kickstarter.com.  I donated a small amount today, as I thought of the letter Y, yellow, and yellow sunflowers. I did so in honor of Chelsea and Amber.