P is for Picking

P is for Picking

No, not as in picking your nose. Although, that could be a possibility for next year.

P words are plentiful and I could have chosen quite a few to write a post about.  Even with so many choices, I decided to delve into a very deep topic: Picking the detestable Jelly Belly flavors out of the Jelly Belly container. I know, this topic is a lot deeper than my other posts, but I think it’s time somebody addressed this very important issue.

I have developed a highly effective process of picking and I will share it with you. Keep in mind, the Jelly Bellies I hate may not be the same ones you hate.  Simply substitute the flavors you detest.

1. Find a work space with good lighting and plenty of room to work.


The amount of work space you need will depend on the number of Jelly Bellies flavors you wish to extract.
I only pick out two flavors– Buttered Popcorn & Caramel Corn–  so I don’t need a lot of space. 

 2. Prepare the work space with your essential supplies.


For my purposes, I used two small Mason jars, one large Mason jar, and one medium-sized jar (not shown).

 3)  With clean hands, take out a few Jelly Bellies at a time. Inspect the Jelly Bellies closely, picking out the flavors you don’t like. Put the flavors you want to keep in the large jar and the ones you don’t in the smaller jars.


I like to separate the rejected flavors so I can give them to friends who happen to like the flavors.
Remember:  For every flavor you don’t like, there is someone out there who does.

4) Once you have cleared the container of undesirable flavors, pour them slowly back into the original container, inspecting them closely for any rejects you may have overlooked.


I happened to find two sneaky Buttered Popcorn Bellies during the pour-back process.
Whew! That was close!!

I hope you found this picking tutorial helpful– especially since Easter is less than two days away. It’s my hope you will be able to have a disgusting-free Jelly Belly experience!