Long Time, No Blog

Wow!  It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged!  Here are some updates… very quick updates:

  • I’m teaching again.  Gone are my days of sleeping in, watching daytime TV,  and eating bon-bons before and after my daily naps.        Oh, wait- I’ve never had those days!  And what the heck are bon-bons, anyway?
  • I’m teaching kindergarten and loving it!
  • I can’t run anymore due to a fallen arch in my left foot.  My podiatrist told me the bones in my foot are basically collapsing on each other.  Nice.  He also told me that I have the foot of a 70-year old woman.  Um, thanks, Doc.  I’m still mourning the loss of being able to run.  I’m also a bit self-conscious of the appearance of my foot… for the first time in my life.
  • I’m trying to learn to love cycling.
  • It’s not happening.
  • My youngest started kindergarten… and no, I’m not his teacher.  As much as I love my sweetie-pie, that would be a nightmare!
  • My oldest is adjusting to his new school and being in the third grade.  He is doing very well.
  • We enrolled my third-grader in a program called Brain Highways , hoping to address some of his quirky (and somewhat Asperger’s Syndrome tendencies).  It’s tough.  Very tough.  But it seems to be helping.
  • My husband is asleep on the couch right now.
  • The clock says 11:03 p.m. but my body-clock is telling me it’s really 12:03 a.m. Why do we need to “fall back” and “spring forward”?  C’mon… daylight savings time needs to go the way of the typewriter, TV antennas, and VHS tapes/players and be considered obsolete.
  • I admit, however, I do like waking up and having it be light out.
  • On the other hand, I really dislike leaving work in the dark.  Or dusk, depending on the day.

With that, I need to sign off of here.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll accomplish what I really came on here to do, and set up my kindergarten blog.

Hmmm… we shall see…

Random Ramblings


OK… I admit it… I lied about posting the rest of my family tree blog the “next day”.  The thing is, I’m still doing my research and my family tree is probably not  interesting to anyone else but me.  I’m sure I’ll blog about the subject again, but I’ve got to get my mind organized first.  It’s amazing how many branches diverge off of one tree trunk… I can hardly keep track of who is who in my family anymore.

My Cat

We got our kitten a few weeks ago.  She is adorable!  She is also,  I’m noticing, a bit mentally-challenged.   The first time she saw herself in our  full-length mirror and attacked the “other cat” in the reflection was cute and funny.  Well, she is still attacking herself.   And by “attack”,  I mean full-on, high-speed, battering-ram, flying into the mirror cat-fight!   It’s still funny.   It’s not so cute anymore.  I worry she is going to shatter the mirror with her head!

She can also be found chasing her tail… while trying to balance on the top of a chair back.  This usually results in a nasty spill.  She has fallen into the water-filled bathtub a few times, much to the boys’ delight.  She likes to lick.  She especially likes to lick my legs after I go for a long, sweaty run.

Speaking of Run

I went for a great run today!  I went longer than I had planned but it was worth it.  I discovered some new trails  and the weather couldn’t have been better.   My heel has been bothering me (I have a bone spur in my heel) but I’ve decided that I might as well get used to it.   I’ve had physical therapy and a cortisone shot and neither has completely taken away the pain.  It’s sort of a trade-off… my heel hurts when I run but the rest of me hurts when I don’t.  So, I guess I’ll run.

Virtually Me

I love Facebook.  Where else can you become “friends” with people who hardly gave you the time of day in high school?  Where else can you connect with people who actually live only a few doors down from you?  For a phone-hating, verbally-challenged individual like me, Facebook is a social paradise.   If only I could include my Facebook life on my job resumes!  Who wouldn’t want to hire someone with the following qualifications?

  • Voted “Nicest Person” -by people who don’t really know me- several days in a row
  • Successful farm owner who took a small, four-plot farm and turned it into a thriving business worth millions of “coins”
  • Winner of numerous Bake-Offs in the town of YoVille
  • Supporter of and participant in several worthy committees, such as “We Hate the New Facebook Home Page”, “Six Degrees of Separation”, and “I Don’t Care How Comfortable Crocs are, You Look Like a Dumbass”

It takes a lot of time to have such a successful Facebook life!

So, yesterday I decided to quit two of my three Facebook farms.  I gave away all my Yoville merchandise to a friend and will move out totally once all my cakes have finished baking.  I purged myself of my Roller Coaster Kingdom and got rid of my aquarium.  And you know what?  It felt good!  I only have one farm now and it has no crops so all I have to do is water my flowers and I’m free.


I don’t have it.   Good night!