C is for Cabin Fever

I’m an introvert, so social distancing isn’t too difficult for me. What is getting to me, however, is being inside.

We have had a lot of rain these past few weeks. Normally, I love rain, but right now, it is making me feel like a caged animal.

One of my favorite things to do when I’m home is sit on my patio and work or read. It’s too wet and cold outside to do that. The patio is covered, but with no walls for protection, the wind blows right through it.

I am also pretty content to get my vitamin D by visiting my fruit trees and wandering the backyard to look at rocks and insects. Right now, my backyard is a two-acre mud pit. I’m sure I would have loved it when I was a kid, but I’m mostly beyond that.

I keep telling myself that I will start taking long walks around the neighborhood for exercise and a change of scenery. The idea of getting soaking wet and being cold the entire time is very unappealing.

Sunshine, I’m sorry for all the times I cursed you for blinding me with your rays while driving. Please forgive the many times I declared my dislike of you because you’re too hot, too bright, too intense.

Please return, Sunshine, so at the very least, I can get outside of this house and set my eyes on more than the walls that surround me.