Working Again

WThis year’s A to Z Blog Challenge has been a fail for me. Since I went back to teaching in February, I have little time or energy to do much else. There’s a lot I want to write about, but by the time I sit down to do it, all I want to do is not think.

I know it won’t always be this way; it just takes time to settle into a new routine, new school, and new curriculum.

It’s almost summer and my workload will soon decrease significantly. I hope to catch up on the A-Z Blog Challenge during that time.

Thank you for stopping by. I promise to stop by your blog if you let me know you visited. Just hit “like” or make a comment.

In any case, enjoy the last few days of the A to Z Challenge. As always, I look forward to reading all the different posts!

Still Here!

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything for my WordPress blog. Maybe I need another A-Z Challenge to motivate me. Are there any other blogger challenges going on that you would like to share? I’m finally going back to work after being off for four weeks, recovering from my hysterectomy. It took longer […]

D is for Distraction


I am easily distracted.  I probably would have been diagnosed with ADD when I was a child, if it had been as widely known back then as it is now. It hasn’t exactly been a problem for me now that I’m an adult, but it can be annoying at times.  As a teacher, I find there are some classroom noises that distract me to the point of major irritation.

I have quite a few kids this year that hum.  Constantly. I understand their desire to hum and I don’t think they do it on purpose. One of these days, I’m going to have to count the number of times I hear myself say something like, “When we reduce fractions– please stop humming— we need to find the greatest common factor. After that , divide– stop humming— the numerator and denominator by the– whoever is humming, please stop— er, what was I saying…?”

Then there are the desk drummers.  I have a few of those this year.  Sometimes pencils become drumsticks.  If not pencils, hands work well, too. The drumming is less annoying than the hummers because I can immediately pinpoint where the noise is coming from and address the offending percussionist directly.

Foot tappers fall into the same category as the desk drummers.  They can be a little more difficult to identify, but not as difficult as the hummers.  I don’t have many foot tappers this year, fortunately.

There are also the water bottle crumplers– a big NO in my class! That just makes me mean. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing– the second I hear the crumpling of a water bottle, I lose all concentration. I reserve my most severe teacher glare for those who crumple their water bottles. As a result, it doesn’t happen often in my classroom.

I wish I could be one of those teachers who doesn’t notice the hummers, drummers, tappers, and crumplers.  But I do.

Distraction– it isn’t just for students anymore.


Long Time, No Blog

Wow!  It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged!  Here are some updates… very quick updates:

  • I’m teaching again.  Gone are my days of sleeping in, watching daytime TV,  and eating bon-bons before and after my daily naps.        Oh, wait- I’ve never had those days!  And what the heck are bon-bons, anyway?
  • I’m teaching kindergarten and loving it!
  • I can’t run anymore due to a fallen arch in my left foot.  My podiatrist told me the bones in my foot are basically collapsing on each other.  Nice.  He also told me that I have the foot of a 70-year old woman.  Um, thanks, Doc.  I’m still mourning the loss of being able to run.  I’m also a bit self-conscious of the appearance of my foot… for the first time in my life.
  • I’m trying to learn to love cycling.
  • It’s not happening.
  • My youngest started kindergarten… and no, I’m not his teacher.  As much as I love my sweetie-pie, that would be a nightmare!
  • My oldest is adjusting to his new school and being in the third grade.  He is doing very well.
  • We enrolled my third-grader in a program called Brain Highways , hoping to address some of his quirky (and somewhat Asperger’s Syndrome tendencies).  It’s tough.  Very tough.  But it seems to be helping.
  • My husband is asleep on the couch right now.
  • The clock says 11:03 p.m. but my body-clock is telling me it’s really 12:03 a.m. Why do we need to “fall back” and “spring forward”?  C’mon… daylight savings time needs to go the way of the typewriter, TV antennas, and VHS tapes/players and be considered obsolete.
  • I admit, however, I do like waking up and having it be light out.
  • On the other hand, I really dislike leaving work in the dark.  Or dusk, depending on the day.

With that, I need to sign off of here.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll accomplish what I really came on here to do, and set up my kindergarten blog.

Hmmm… we shall see…