B is for Beauty


Day Two of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge


B is for Beauty
Beauty is the way the breeze blows through the brush on the hillside
Beauty is the blurred beating of a hummingbird’s wings
There is beauty hiding the sharp thorns of the burgeoning bougainvillea

Beauty is the way the golden Brittle Bush carpets the desert floor
Beauty is the beckoning branches of an old live oak tree
There is beauty waiting to escape the billowing clouds of the brewing storm

Beauty is the way the breaking waves batter the lonely shore
Beauty is the beginning of a new day blanketing the sky in blue
There is beauty reaching out from the broken rim of the red rock bluff

In such beauty, I find where I belong



2 thoughts on “B is for Beauty

  1. It took me a minute to figure out how to comment back, since I’m not used to WordPress comments, but this post was so beautiful that I had to say something. You were writing about beauty, but the writing became beauty. I could practically see what you were describing. I just love it, okay? That’s all I can say.

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